Chris Simon

Chris Simon

Senior Consultant


Chris Simon is a serial entrepreneur with diverse business experience in the mental health industry since 2009. He holds an MA in Clinical Mental Health, is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and Supervisor (CSAT-S). Chris founded and operated a sex addiction outpatient treatment program, Restorations Therapy Center, in Denver, CO which sold in 2017. Chris transitioned into the corporate sector to work as an executive coach and consultant supporting leaders throughout the country to help overcome issues in the workplace and their personal lives. Chris continues to treat therapeutic clients in addiction and sexual addiction to maintain a therapeutic mindset in his consultancy.

Chris has a tremendous passion for creating comprehensive curricula and efficient operations with programs that are relevant to today’s concerns. Chris collaborates closely with clients to produce detailed and efficient outcomes, from project management through policy planning and program development to service delivery. Outside of his many ventures, Chris enjoys craftsmanship in his woodshop, designing furniture and other decorative pieces. He also enjoys spending time exploring with his wife, Kevie, and sons, Judah and Aiden.

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