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Through our expert collaborative solutions, we empower you as a behavioral healthcare provider to maximize profitability, enhance the customer journey, and drive exceptional patient outcomes with mental & behavioral health consulting.

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Behavioral Health Consulting Planning Process in Action

Achieve Sustainable Success

Have a vision to build a program but don’t know where to start? Unable to pinpoint how to take your business to the next level? Struggling to overcome compliance and operational challenges? Want to expand the business, but don’t know the perfect pathway?

The addiction and mental health treatment industry is a highly complex and regulated business. Not only do you need to be looking out for the best interests of the people you serve but you also have to continue generating quality stakeholder returns and profit.

You don’t have to do it alone with our behavioral health consulting services. C4 Consulting is your collaborative partner in optimizing your business, building, growing, buying, or selling your business, or translating critical strategic data into actionable planning. 

Empowering You To Provide World-Class Behavioral Health Care

C4’s behavioral health consulting services are backed by over 475 years of direct experience running addiction and mental health treatment organizations. We’ve experienced the ups, the downs, and everything in between.

Our team of current and former executives utilizes our direct experience with best practices in the behavioral health industry to help your business swiftly identify, address, and transform the specific challenges of its ecosystem.

Behavioral Health Consulting

Discover Why Our Clients Rave About The Impact We Deliver.

“As the CEO of Southern Sky Recovery, I’ve had the privilege to witness firsthand the remarkable proficiency of C4 Consulting in transforming businesses.

Their expertise in licensing and accreditation has fortified our legitimacy and operational standing in the recovery industry.

In terms of marketing, they’ve honed our strategy to reach those in need more effectively and empathetically, leading to a higher ROI and a more meaningful connection with our community.

Their adept approach to human resources helped shape our team into a cohesive, motivated, and forward-thinking unit, driving our mission and values daily.

Operationally, they’ve streamlined our processes to maximize efficiency without compromising the quality of care we provide.

Their insights have been invaluable on the clinical front, ensuring that our treatments are both state-of-the-art and deeply personal.

In essence, the collaboration with C4 Consulting has elevated Southern Sky Recovery’s business stature and enriched the quality of services we offer.

Partnering with C4 Consulting is a testament to the belief that excellence breeds excellence.”

Nathan Shepard, Chief Executive Officer of Southern Sky Recovery

Behavioral Health Consulting Services We Provide

Business Optimization

Unlock the full potential of your behavioral health business with our tailored business optimization services. Our expert solutions drive clinical excellence, boost financial performance, streamline operations, enhance client outcomes, and maximize the potential of your most valuable asset—your people. Transform your business into a thriving enterprise that delivers exceptional clinical care, while ensuring sustainable growth with the help of our behavioral health consulting firm.

Build. Grow. Buy. Sell.

Empower your business to navigate the ever-changing behavioral health industry with confidence. Our mental health consulting services are designed to assist you at every stage of your journey, from start to finish. With our behavioral health consulting services, get expert guidance and industry insights to navigate regulatory complexities, identify growth opportunities, optimize operations, and make informed decisions that drive success.

Data-Driven Strategy

Revolutionize your behavioral healthcare business with the power of data-driven strategies. Unlock valuable insights from diverse sources – integrated quantitative and qualitative analysis, measurement-based practices, operations and finances, revenue cycle management, and payor rates to fuel informed decisions that drive unparalleled success. Our comprehensive approach, powered by cutting-edge analytics and industry expertise, optimizes client outcomes, propels operational efficiency, and ignites financial performance.

Experienced & Trusted Consultants

Christopher Bennett

Chief Marketing Officer

Mary Woods

Senior Consultant

Zina Navarro-Rodriguez

Senior Consultant

Ryan Rohde

Senior Consultant

Anthony Campobasso

Senior Consultant

Eve Ruff

Senior Consultant

Jay Voigt

Senior Consultant

Ian Gershman

Senior Consultant

Andrew Sidoli

Senior Consultant

Lisa Jane Vargas

Senior Consultant

Michael Dinneen

Senior Consultant

Emily Schrader

Senior Consultant

Robert Ryberg

Senior Consultant

Leah M. Briick

Senior Consultant

Chris Simon

Senior Consultant

Jim Soda

Senior Consultant

Stephani Tucci

Senior Consultant

Candice Utush

Senior Consultant

Jonathan De Carlo


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Northern Illinois Recovery Center

From the moment Northern Illinois Recovery Center (NIRC) first opened its doors, the ambitious team has had a goal to deliver the best addictions and co-occurring treatment services to the Chicago region.

But, the fledgling company was soon met with unexpected rapid growth. They quickly realized they needed guidance from a knowledgeable team that had the experience to show them how to expand successfully.

That’s when C4 Consulting came to the rescue. As NIRC continues to grow to this day, their partnership with the C4 Consulting team has become an integral part of their expansion strategy and success story.

Dive deeper into this remarkable case study as Chris Reed, the Managing Partner of NIRC, gives a first-hand account as to why NIRC chose C4 Consulting for the job and how our behavioral health consulting services transformed NIRC into a thriving treatment center.

Why Choose C4 for Behavioral Health Consulting

C4 Consulting

Expert Experience

Our expert behavioral health consultants are current and former Executives with over 475 years of direct experience building, growing, buying, and selling treatment organizations. 

Competitive Edge

Keeping you ahead of the competition, our leveraged network of hundreds of industry and thought leaders, we are always on the forefront of industry and payor trends, regulatory landscapes, and innovative care models. 


Always gets results with strategic data-driven decisions backed by critical market and rate data with behavioral health consulting services. No guesswork.

Success Stories

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