About C4 Consulting

C4 Consulting is a behavioral health consulting organization based in Illinois. Our team is dedicated to growing and sustaining organizations that work in behavioral health management, addiction, and mental health treatment. We collaborate with our clients to establish and improve financial performance as we enhance competitive positions to create and deliver the highest quality market positions. We work to help our clients achieve a healthy alignment surrounding productive staff, management, and the ever-shifting stakeholder environment.

C4 Consulting
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C4 Consulting’s team has 475 years of combined consulting experience in the behavioral health industry. Due to our vast years of experience and forward-thinking, we help clients swiftly identify, address, and resolve the specific challenges of their organization’s ecosystem.

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Your business’s success is our success.

When we do our early-stage discovery processes we take the time to get to know your business’s unique needs and value proposition. Discovery allows us to establish “integrity fit’” so that we ensure our services can be of high value to your organizational and team goals.

Understanding your organization’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities is the first step in creating your unique solution. Every organization, system, facility, clinic, or care center has its own goals, challenges, and perspectives. We take pride in our highly individualized approach to every project.

We take your organization’s success seriously. When C4 Consulting contributes to the betterment of the communities our clients serve, we know we have done our job.

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