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C4 Consulting offers Diversity Equity Inclusion consulting services that can help align your business practices with the company’s values, and strengthen the foundation of your team.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion aren’t buzzwords or catchphrases. They are the fundamental building blocks of an informed organizational culture and a key to impactful services. As the principles of Trauma Informed Care predicate, strategies for impactful DEI are requirements for addressing the disparities and traumatic results rife within the communities of persons served and employees. Through assessment, understanding, and collaborative solutions, C4 Consulting can help your organization refine its DEI practices and progress.

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Core Elements of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy

Every organization presents with different DEI opportunities and need support for sustainable solutions. We partner with organizations to build and implement management solutions that go beyond “check the box initiatives.” We utilize data-driven analysis and field-tested best practices to craft tailored strategies for your teams.

Our goal is to provide your organization with sustainable DEI frameworks that align with your mission, values, and goals. Studies show that with the execution of intentional DEI initiatives, organizations can increase their bottom line and benefit from an increase in diversity of consumers, staff, and investment.

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Data on Diversity in Teams

Read more about the diversity study done by McKinsey by clicking here.

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Steps of the Process

We conduct an organizational assessment to better understand the current DEI culture of an organization, provide a comprehensive analysis and identify next step recommendations.

We offer a variety of learning opportunities (virtual and in person) that cover a wide range of DEI and cultural responsiveness topics. Our foundational DEI Leadership Development workshops engage leaders in developing clarity in defining their DEI vision for the organization. Our offerings include topics on culturally responsive clinical programming and creating culturally responsive environments.

We work closely with executives and leaders to develop DEI strategies that foster a culture of belonging for both clients and staff. We encourage organizations to develop short- and long-term goals to view their DEI strategy as part of a journey that is aligned with their organizational culture, mission and goals.

We provide audits to provide a culturally responsive analysis of your environment of care and provide a comprehensive report that includes findings and recommendations for next steps. (i.e., Physical Plant, P&Ps, HR Communications, Clinical Documentation, Website and Marketing Communications)