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Launching your addiction treatment center or behavioral health facility is just the beginning. C4 Consulting provides operations assessments of behavioral health and psychiatric and substance abuse treatment services related to all aspects of your business.

C4 Consulting is ready to provide the support you’ll need through our operational consulting services. Our skilled team members create customized processes and workflows designed to assist with every aspect of your day-to-day business.

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Services Related to All Aspects of Your Business.

Once your doors are open, the operation of your business will become a primary focus. There is a great deal to consider, and having a trusted advisor at your side is not only smart, it saves you valuable resources. With many different components involved, including keeping current with state and federal regulations, the daily running of your center will be complex. We are here to help.

Steps of the Process

C4 Consulting provides systematic assessment & support to help you ensure your operations produce the excellence of care for those you serve. Building upon your organization’s strengths help us reduce the challenges that impact outcomes.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in behavioral healthcare allows us to work with you to ensure fidelity the right clinical programs for your organization.

With the goal of improving outcomes through measurable indicators, our team helps organizations develop methods of data collection to assess current processes. KPI’s aren’t a catchphrase, but a necessary tool. Let us help you build the right dashboard for ensuring your success.

C4 Consulting offers assistance in identifying and providing any change necessary to ensure your team’s success. Increasing compassion satisfaction leads to productivity, efficiency, employee engagement & growth.

At C4 Consulting, experience shows us that healthy organizations provide the highest quality of care, consistently. We specialize in helping organizations benchmark and grow organizational health through our strengths-based process leading to improved outcomes.

C4 Consulting can provide guidance in developing and growing measurement-based care solutions. Through our innovative integrations, let us help you manage the data you may already have to improve your organization’s services and impact.

operations management consultant helping client

Jonathan De Carlo, CAS
CEO of C4 Consulting

” Our amazing team’s dedication to relentless pursuit of excellence and quality improvement lead us to help our clients discover innovative ways to improve their integrity of operations and quality of service, impacting their results and the lives of those they serve. “

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Clients and Testimonials

Matt Boyle, CEO of Landmark Recovery

” I have been incredibly happy with our collaboration with C4. Their detailed research into market and government set rates has been invaluable in driving our growth strategy. “

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