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What sets C4 Consulting apart from other consulting firms?

A few years back, a grateful client referred to us as “the behavioral health Geek Squad”. We took this as the compliment it was intended to convey. We are always thankful for the growing team that is C4 Consulting, for their passion and dedication to embodying the saying that “great students make the best teachers”. We love to learn and seek to share our experience with those we are privileged to serve. Our emails often close with “We look forward to being of service”.

Our mission is to secure the missions and advance the visions of behavioral organizations and service providers.

The behavioral healthcare ecosystem is defined at its core as a human service industry. People helping people. The greatest challenge is to remember that we aren’t producing widgets, but changing lives, regardless of our products or services, and regardless of what aspect of a behavioral health business is your domain. Our essential definition of recovery, regardless of the discipline or diagnostics, is the restoration of one’s humanity. Our fundamental value is integrity of service. For a deeper dive into our foundational values click the link below to learn more.

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