C4 Behavioral Health Consultants

You deserve partners that are as passionate about the success of your business as you are. Behavioral Health Consultants who are not satisfied until they have solved all your organization’s challenges and delivered your needs. While you focus on delivering quality care to the people you serve, you need someone focused on your organization’s success. Get your behavioral health care management questions answered by experienced consultants.

About Our Team

The C4 Consulting Team has twenty-five (25) members with coast-to-coast representation in sixteen (16) U.S. states. Our consultants have over 475 years of combined consulting experience and the client results to prove it. They are recognized as premier behavioral health resources, leveraging real-world public & private expertise while consistently delivering innovative, ethical, & evolving consulting solutions. They have experience with clients ranging from entrepreneurs and investors to individual practitioners. From small group practices to national provider networks and Government agencies.

Through evidence-based practice and practice-based experience, C4 Consulting’s behavioral health care business management consultants can provide full-service solutions. From branding through initial call screening and service delivery our consultants exemplify the integration of the principles of Values-Based & Trauma-Informed Care. We are proud to share our expertise with you.

Jonathan De Carlo the CEO of C4 Behavioral Health Consulting

Jonathan De Carlo

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan’s focus is on understanding the challenges of behavioral health organizations to collaboratively create impactful solutions. Additionally, he is passionate about organizational health, leadership development, and the integration of Trauma-Informed Care practices in the behavioral health field.

Ian Gershman senior behavioral health consultant from C4

Ian Gershman

Chief Operating Officer

Ian’s expertise lies in operationalizing the requirements of licensing, accreditation, and payer stakeholders by making organizational requirements an organic process. His admiration for the clients our clients serve is rooted in his belief in the astounding resilience individuals are able to express in even the most challenging of stories.

Christopher Bennett

Chief Marketing Officer

Christopher’s keen vision not only shines when exploring the opportunities of the unseen, but in the extensive direct experience of supporting founders and operators in creating visionary impact within their organizations.

Ryan Rhode senior behavioral health consultant from C4

Ryan Rohde

Senior Consultant

Ryan’s analytical and critical thinking drives his passion to develop strategic and competitive considerations for his clients. Ryan has been involved in every aspect of large and small behavioral health practices, from front desk clerical to director of operations. Currently, Ryan works directly with all clients to develop proposals, contracts, and organizational structure, while internally improving operations within C4 Consulting.

Mary Woods

Senior Consultant

Mary’s focus is on leadership, clinical implementation, and organizational health. She is passionate about ethically driven, trauma-informed practices.

Eve Ruff senior behavioral health consultant from C4

Eve Ruff

Senior Consultant

Eve’s integrity is grounded in a relentless passion for supporting the highest client care with consistent results. She also has deep experience with grant research and grant funding.

Anthony Campobasso

Senior Consultant

Anthony is passionate about integrity of service and quality of care, with an emphasis on strategic planning and operational sufficiency.

Jay Voigt

Senior Consultant

Jay is a seasoned organizational leader, clinician and thought leader with over 20 years of professional experience in behavioral healthcare. He holds two masters degrees including: MBA from the University of Colorado and M.Ed from the Pennsylvania State University. Jay is also a licensed professional counselor (LPC), certified addiction specialist (CAS) and Society for Human Resource Management- Certified professional (SHRM-CP).

Andrew Sidoli

Senior Consultant

Focusing on excellence in leadership and program development, clinical outcomes, and operational enhancement, Andrew’s international experience in behavioral health inform an approach grounded in cultural humility.

Leah M. Briick

Senior Consultant

Dr. Leah M. Briick has a substantial background in policy development. Development of useable living policies is her wheelhouse vs those that sit on a shelf for the next review.

Lisa Jane Vargas behavioral health consultant from C4

Lisa Jane Vargas

Senior Consultant

Executive leader with specialties in brand development, marketing strategy, and communications.

Zina Navarro-Rodriguez behavioral health consultant from C4

Zina Navarro-Rodriguez

Senior Consultant

Zina is passionate about bringing awareness to the vast disparity in mental health and substance use treatment services for BIPOC and LBGTQ+ communities and the need to address how racial and identity trauma impacts individuals and communities through focusing on inclusivity and belonging.

Emily Schrader

Senior Consultant

Emily’s passions within her work include providing substance use prevention training, educational presentations, assistance with documentation and coding, and help with insurance paneling. She is trained in SBIRT, has served as a National Trainer with Hazelton-Betty Ford, and works as a Clinical Manager in a withdrawal management program.

Michael Dinneen behavioral health consultant from C4

Michael Dinneen

Senior Consultant

Michael’s dedication and passion for highly individualized and comprehensive client experiences come from his commitment to bringing the visions of behavioral health transformation to reality.

Robert Ryberg behavioral health consultant from C4

Robert Ryberg

Senior Consultant

Rob Ryberg is focused on the financial aspects of behavioral healthcare consulting, typically corporate finance, budgeting, modeling, costing, and analysis.

Stephani Tucci

Senior Consultant

Stephani is passionate about impacting economic sufficiency in behavioral health. She specializes in statistical analysis, financial modeling, and complex analysis of economic data to provide organizations with the greatest opportunity for sustainability.

Chris Simon

Senior Consultant

Chris has a tremendous passion for creating comprehensive curricula and efficient operations with programs that are relevant to today’s concerns. Chris collaborates closely with clients to produce detailed and efficient outcomes, from project management through policy planning and program development to service delivery.

Jim Soda behavioral health consultant from C4

Jim Soda

Senior Consultant

Jim’s commitment to creating a positive culture and environment within a company through clarity of core values and a seasoned career in building teams. From Leadership development through Clinical Services and Operational Management, Jim is dedicated to ensuring mission, vision, and value alignment results in success.

Candice Utush

Senior Consultant

Candice is the Co-Founder and CEO of Consultex Practice Management a full-service practice management company that specializes in serving the substance abuse and behavioral health providers and facilities, and she provides a rare, valuable perspective with a diverse background. Candice earned her undergraduate in Accounting with Honors as well as her master’s in accounting (MSA) from the University of Central Florida (UCF).

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