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As a business in the behavioral health industry, you have to balance two priorities, the success of your business and the success of the people you serve. Therefore you have to ground sustainability and improve market position all while advancing treatment outcomes and quality of care. The behavioral health landscape is different from other industries and therefore so is the financing.

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Our Key Components

The C4 team will position your company for long-term financial viability in psychiatric and behavioral health treatment programs.

C4 Consulting delivers the knowledge, efficiency, and integrity you deserve when seeking assistance with the financial aspects of your organization. We understand your industry and share your passion for achieving business objectives and profitability. With a full range of behavioral health financing consulting services to choose from, you can rest assured that your bottom line will be in good hands with the professional team at C4 Consulting.

Steps of the Process

Your business needs a thorough financial analysis of the viability and sustainability of your organization in order to make informed decisions.

Whether you are preparing for an audit, the sale of your organization, or simply wishing to evaluate your current situation, you need professional third-party help. An objective assessment can ensure you are able to pinpoint areas of improvement.

Accurately and precisely defining the fair market value of your company for either prospective buyers or yourself is crucial to a successful sale. Additionally, it can help with financing your behavioral health organization.

A financial assessment, including an evaluation of your current fiscal management, can help you pinpoint areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

Strengthen every step in your behavioral health revenue cycle management, increasing the clarity, accuracy, and precision of your payor claims and reimbursements for an optimized revenue flow, growing your bottom line.

Understanding current reimbursement rates and collaborating to provide contracting and diversified payor networks ensures the growth of your business’s impact.

behavioral health financing

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Clients and Testimonials

Matt Boyle, CEO of Landmark Recovery

” I have been incredibly happy with our collaboration with C4. Their detailed research into market and government set rates has been invaluable in driving our growth strategy. “

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