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CARF Accreditation

Embarking on the journey towards CARF Accreditation is a significant step for organizations committed to delivering high-quality health and human services. In this pursuit of excellence, the consulting services at C4 Consulting can be invaluable partners, providing expertise and support to navigate the intricacies of the accreditation process. As organizations strive to meet CARF’s rigorous standards, consulting firms play a pivotal role in guiding them through each stage, from understanding requirements to post-accreditation sustainability.

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What is CARF?

CARF International, formerly known as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services. Established in 1966, CARF is dedicated to promoting the quality, value, and optimal outcomes of services through a consultative accreditation process and continuous improvement services that prioritize enhancing the lives of persons served. With a vision to serve as a catalyst for providing access to services and improving the quality of life, CARF operates based on core values that emphasize equitable treatment, dignity, respect, and inclusion for all. The organization is committed to continuous improvement, diversity, cultural competence, and empowering individuals to make informed choices. CARF’s purposes include developing and maintaining standards, recognizing accredited organizations committed to improvement, conducting outcomes-focused research, providing consultation and education, and fostering continuous improvement to benefit organizations and the communities they serve. Overall, CARF International plays a vital role in accrediting and enhancing health and human services by setting standards, recognizing excellence, and supporting ongoing improvement efforts.


What Are the Standards For CARF Accreditation?

The specific standards for CARF accreditation vary based on the offerings and purpose of each facility. From behavioral health services to medical rehabilitation, CARF has specific points that need to be met by every facility based on the program they want to offer clients.

C4 Consulting can help you understand the goals that need to be met for accreditation and stay up-to-date on any possible changes or updates.

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What Are the Steps For CARF Accreditation?

Contact C4 Consulting

Initiate the accreditation process by reaching out to C4 Consulting, your dedicated behavioral healthcare consulting firm. Our team at C4 will connect you with a designated CARF resource specialist who will guide you through the entire accreditation process. The specialist will assist in accessing Customer Connect to transmit information and documents and help determine the standards manual relevant to the programs or services you aim to accredit.

Conduct a Self-Evaluation

Under the guidance of your resource specialist, conduct a thorough self-study and evaluation of your program’s adherence to CARF standards. This step is crucial to assess your readiness for the accreditation survey.

Submit a Survey Application

Complete and submit the survey application, indicating the preferred two-month timeframe for the survey. Provide information about your leadership, the programs or services seeking accreditation, and the locations where services are delivered.

Invoice and Survey Scheduling

Upon submission, we will invoice you for the survey fee, calculated based on the required number of surveyors and days. Survey scheduling begins immediately upon invoicing. Feel free to contact us for a survey fee estimate.

Survey Team Selection

Our experts at C4 Consulting collaborate with CARF to select a survey team. The team is chosen based on their expertise and field experience relevant to your program’s unique characteristics. Our surveyors adopt a consultative approach during the survey.

Survey Conduct

The survey team, following a consultative approach, conducts the survey by observing services, interviewing persons served and stakeholders, and reviewing documentation. They also offer consultation to your staff throughout the survey.

Accreditation Decision

After reviewing survey findings, CARF issues one of the following accreditation decisions: Five-Year Accreditation (CCRCs only), Three-Year Accreditation, One-Year Accreditation, Provisional Accreditation, or Nonaccreditation. 

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

Within 90 days of the accreditation decision, submit a completed Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) outlining actions taken or to be taken in response to areas identified for improvement in the report.

Annual Conformance to Quality Report (ACQR)

Upon achieving accreditation, submit an Annual Conformance to Quality Report (ACQR). C4 Consulting will provide you with the ACQR form approximately ten weeks before the deadline.


How C4 Consulting Can Help

C4 Consulting remains by your side, offering ongoing support throughout the accreditation process. Feel free to reach out as needed for assistance in maintaining conformance to standards and addressing any queries. We are dedicated to ensuring your continued success in the accreditation journey.

Our consulting services play a crucial role in facilitating the CARF Accreditation process, providing valuable support and expertise to organizations seeking accreditation.

C4 Consulting specializes in CARF Accreditation and offers guidance on the entire process. We help organizations understand the standards, requirements, and expectations set by CARF. This includes assisting in the interpretation of standards manuals and preparing for the self-evaluation process.
Our consultants assist organizations in conducting a comprehensive self-evaluation. We help identify areas of strength and areas that may need improvement to align with CARF standards. This critical step ensures that organizations are well-prepared for the accreditation survey.
C4 Consulting can help organizations navigate the survey application process, ensuring accurate and timely submissions. We can also assist in organizing and presenting the required documentation, making it easier for organizations to meet CARF’s documentation standards.

Our consultants collaborate with organizations to understand their specific needs and characteristics. We then work with CARF to select a survey team that possesses expertise relevant to the organization’s programs and services.

We provide training and support to staff in preparation for the survey. This includes guidance on how to interact with surveyors, preparing for interviews, and ensuring that staff are well-informed and confident during the survey process.
After the survey, consultants assist organizations in interpreting survey findings. They help organizations understand the strengths highlighted in the survey and provide guidance on addressing areas identified for improvement.
Our consultants support organizations in the development and implementation of the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). We can help create actionable plans to address identified areas for improvement, ensuring organizations are well-positioned for ongoing success.
We also offer ongoing support post-accreditation. This includes assistance with the Annual Conformance to Quality Report (ACQR), ensuring that organizations continue to meet CARF standards and maintain a culture of continuous improvement.
We also offer ongoing support post-accreditation. This includes assistance with the Annual Conformance to Quality Report (ACQR), ensuring that organizations continue to meet CARF standards and maintain a culture of continuous improvement.

CARF standards and requirements may evolve, and C4 Consulting stays informed about changes. We help organizations stay updated and adapt their processes to meet new or revised standards.

Our consulting services provide a comprehensive and tailored approach to CARF Accreditation, guiding organizations through each step of the process and ensuring successful outcomes.

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Our consulting services are integral in supporting organizations through the CARF Accreditation process, offering a wealth of expertise and guidance. Consultants provide invaluable assistance from the initial stages of understanding CARF standards to the final steps of post-accreditation support. Our role encompasses facilitating self-evaluation, navigating the survey application process, preparing for surveys, and interpreting findings. 

C4 Consulting also contributes to developing and implementing Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) and offers ongoing support to ensure organizations maintain conformance to CARF standards. With a focus on customization and adaptability to each organization’s unique needs, consulting services foster a culture of continuous improvement and successful accreditation outcomes. As organizations embark on their accreditation journey, the collaboration with consulting firms enhances their readiness, confidence, and ability to meet the high standards set by CARF, ultimately contributing to improving health and human services for the betterment of individuals and communities.