Christopher Bennett

Chief Marketing Officer

About Christopher Bennett

Chief Marketing Officer

Christopher began his career in 2009 in direct care serving acute and chronic mental illness, then transitioning to serving homeless veterans. In 2012, he founded a concierge consulting firm, serving families nationally that were struggling with loved ones’ mental health and/or substance use disorder. In 2016, he co-founded an integrative trauma healing continuum of care. Having exited both of those companies by late 2019, Christopher began serving C4 Consulting as a Senior Consultant, as well as providing management consulting for several other behavioral health companies. In 2020, he co-founded a small non-traditional private equity fund, investing in small and mid-size businesses in a variety of industries, providing several investments support in the areas of vision development, executive coaching and management consulting, growth strategy, marketing, brand and sales strategy, and corporate culture and leadership development.

A self-proclaimed ‘survivor optimist,’ Christopher’s journey has been one filled with a metric ton of life’s experiences, building awareness, and using life’s twists and turns as the foundation of personal development. As a result, he is deeply passionate about how men experience the world and going deep into the experience of expansive masculinity. Christopher is the co-creator of a podcast and YouTube channel, The Gut Level, which is a first-hand, real-time accounting of men’s growth and transformation that’s normalizing men’s humanity by creating connection, inspiring growth, and relieving the experience of aloneness and isolation in masculinity. He is on a personal mission to be a shining light in the darkness, to bring dreams to reality, and to live a visionary life.

In addition to all of that, Christopher values nothing more than the intimate bonds he has with his friends and family; nothing would be possible for him without them. While travel and experiencing cultures around the world is incredible, Christopher loves the stability of his home and the relationships close to home. The deepest part of his being is on fire as he trains for and goes after climbing big mountains and adventuring in the remote wilderness. He finds his truest self, totally free, in the solitude of the mountains – whether climbing, peak-bagging, or snowboarding in the backcountry. In addition to the solitude of the mountains, Christopher is a dedicated meditation practitioner and teacher humbly serving the traditional tantric hatha yoga lineage of the Himalayan Masters. His life is incredibly full and at the end of the day nothing lights up his heart as much as being of service to others and finding opportunities to impact the world.