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Telehealth psychotherapy

Telehealth Benefits and Challenges for Behavioral Health Treatment

The need for behavioral health treatment is on the rise. To keep up, many organizations are turning to technology. Introducing telehealth for rehab and treatment facilities! Telehealth has become an increasingly common method, if not preferred, for those seeking behavioral health treatment. Afterall, it allows organizations to treat more people in less time, from anywhere. … Read More

Woman Interviewing for a Behavioral Health Job

Medical Recruitment Strategies and Onboarding Tips for Leadership

Medical Recruitment Strategies and Onboarding Tips for Behavioral Health Organizations We don’t have to tell you that if you work in the behavioral health industry you are dealing with people’s lives. Hiring, training, and retaining quality employees throughout your organization is crucial to providing quality care to the people you serve and improving your organization … Read More


Workforce Turnover in Substance Use Disorder Organizations: Why It’s Happening and How to Solve It

Organizations that treat Substance Use Disorder (OSUD) are in the midst of a workforce crisis, unlike anything we’ve seen in the past few decades. A myriad of factors—the Great Resignation, the War for Talent, staff burnout, and increasing demand for services—are contributing to significant concerns for OSUD leaders. An April 2022 survey of Behavioral Health … Read More

An accountable care organization (ACO) meeting about how to help vulnerable populations in healthcare

ACOs: How to Help Vulnerable Populations in Behavioral Healthcare

As a behavioral healthcare leader, you know how important it is to assess the functional status of the people you serve. The way they operate physically, emotionally, and cognitively is extremely important when you are trying to learn how to help vulnerable populations with mental health challenges. With that being said, when managing Medicare and … Read More

DEI Strategy: Closing the BIPOC Mental Health Treatment Gap

As mental health professionals, it is our responsibility to treat everyone we serve equally. Yet even in 2022, there is still a large treatment gap. With National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month coming up in July we wanted to shed light on BIPOC mental health treatment gap. In this article, we will discuss: What is … Read More

The CEO’s Guide to Successfully Starting a Treatment Center

So, you want to start a recovery and treatment center. Congratulations, you are one step closer to making a huge difference in people’s lives! But, before you can open the doors to your new treatment center and begin treating people, there are a few crucial aspects of this industry that you need to understand first. … Read More

How C4 Transformed An Ambitious Start-Up into a Successful Treatment Center

How C4 Consulting Helped NIRC From the moment Northern Illinois Recovery Center (NIRC) first opened its doors, the ambitious team has had a goal to deliver the best addiction and co-occurring treatment services to McHenry County and the surrounding Chicago region. But, the fledgling company was soon met with unexpected rapid growth and quickly realized … Read More

6 Savvy Ways to Invest in Your Behavioral Health Treatment Center & See Success

Here’s something we can all agree upon. Once you have your behavioral health treatment center up and running, you have to continuously update and improve your internal processes to stay ahead of the game. Without the right updates and proper investment in your treatment center, your organization may become stagnant and fall behind the competition. … Read More

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