How to Start a Mental Health Business

Studies estimate that more than 1 in five American adults live with a mental health disorder. Mental health businesses play a vital role in addressing this need for effective mental health care. Knowing how to start your business the right way is crucial if you have a service to offer. What business type is best? Are there zoning requirements? We review how to start a mental health business the right way. 

Choose Your Business Type

When figuring out how to start a mental health business, the first step is deciding what type of business you plan to have. If you are going to work alone, you can choose to operate a sole proprietorship or an LLC.

If you plan to operate your mental health business with several other professionals, a partnership or corporation might be a better structure for you. The biggest difference between these comes down to tax implications. 

For example: A sole proprietorship is where you work alone, but in the event that your mental health business is sued or something goes wrong, all of your professional and personal assets can be used to cover the lawsuit or debt. In comparison, an LLC is a business type you can use on your own or with partners, and in the event that something goes wrong or the business closes, only professional assets are used.

Get Licensed

You’ll need to have any relevant licenses contingent upon the type of mental health business you are planning to start. For example:

  • If you are offering therapy, you’ll need to be a licensed therapist, and each state will have different requirements for obtaining a license.
  • If you are offering coaching services such as recovery coaching, you may or may not need a license, but you might want to complete certain certifications.
  • If you have third parties offering services as part of your mental health business, such as meditation services, equine therapy, or similar holistic services, make sure that they have appropriate licenses to operate in your state. 

Check Your Zoning Regulations

When you create your business plan and choose the business type, you’ll also need to decide whether you plan to offer in-person services, online services, or a combination of the two.

If you have any type of in-person services you will need a physical office. Figuring out how to start a mental health business requires that you check zoning regulations if you plan to have a physical business location. In different cities there are zoning regulations that dictate which buildings and areas can be used for commercial purposes instead of residential purposes. 

Even if you plan to exclusively offer online mental health services and you operate out of a home office, you’ll still need to make sure that you are not in violation of any HOA or other zoning regulations to have a home business. 

Do Your Homework

While you are figuring out how to start a mental health business that fits within zoning regulations and has the right type of business structure, you’ll also need to do your homework as it applies to your market research.

Market research goes a long way toward helping you determine which type of services you want to offer and where you want to provide your service.

Look at how many other companies exist in your local area offering the same type of mental health services. At the same time, look at population data and demographics. If you are operating in an area with high rates of addiction, virtual coaching for aftercare might be a viable service that is not currently offered.

If you live in an area with a high number of therapists specializing in mental health, traditional therapy services might already saturate the market, in which case holistic services such as life skills training might be a better business plan for you. 

Other Tips

All good companies require insurance, especially mental health practices. Once you have the business type, name, and insurance, you’ll need to write a business plan as well as a marketing plan. From there, you’ll also have to register your business, file paperwork so that you can pay taxes, and prepare all of your marketing efforts and your clinical forms. 

Marketing and Growing Your Business with C4 Consulting

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